Polpier wedding photography preview

October 5, 2015

This is a single frame from my most recent wedding at Polpier wedding venue which is shot on Saturday. This was my last wedding of summer 2015 actually and was taken just down the road at Hemmick Beach just as the gorgeous sun was setting.  I’ve only got one more Cornish wedding to shoot this year, feels like it has gone by far too quickly, I’m really not gonna know what to do with myself now I will have free Saturdays!

Instead i’m going to try and get as much new work up on my new website ready for the launch in a few weeks. Just got to work my way through editing these last four weddings before I can finally get some new weddings up to show you guys. Didn’t actually realise till I started making this new website that i’ve only actually uploaded 5-6 weddings of the 65+ I have done in the last two years which is really poor of me. Need to get this sorted as soon as possible, shot some incredible weddings since then.


Polpier House wedding photographer in Cornwall




Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the new site:)

Good one.. I like your style in the sunset..