Up in the clouds

October 13, 2015

Been a massively busy week once again in the Cornwall wedding photography world (feel like this is the only thing I am ever saying?) But been a brilliant week as well. I have nearly finished shooting all my weddings for the year so really it is just getting through the last of my editing. Currently on my 3rd to last (so nearly there!!).

Also this week managed to get featured on Flickr Explore which is a massive achievement, was a bit wierd to see all the comments flooding in on my pictures and wondering what was going on. Had a few hundred favourites on my photo which i’m always really happy about!

This is a frame from the intimate wedding of Carly and Shamir that I just had to share with you all. This was taken at a place called Little White Alice which is near Falmouth, Cornwall. Gorgeous little venue, but unfortunately this was the last wedding they are ever going to do there as they are selling the place off. Nearly finished with this wedding before I head on to the next one.

Anyway, this is Carly and Shamir, up in the clouds.


Wedding Photographer in Cornwall


See another one.. Robust and extensive love

I really love this photo! The sky… gorgeous! It’s really a special wedding photo, not what you usually see (especially in Germany!).

Thanks a lot for your compliment. But I really don’t think about entering the world of wedding photography. Maybe I would create good photos (I guess the style I shoot travel photos is kind of similar to what I would need for weddings) but I simply don’t have the time. Working in fashion industry and building your portfolio further and further is really time consuming. I wouldn’t have the time to do that with weddings. 😉

Thanks for your words and: great work!