SEO for Wedding Photographers

SEO for Wedding Photographers

What is SEO?

SEO is both a blessing and curse to many wedding photographers looking to get more work consistently. SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of getting your site highly listed in Google (and to a degree Bing) to increase the amount of visitors and ultimately in turn, bookings that you will receive. Now SEO can be one of the most mystifying subjects known to man. Online there is a wealth of contradicting information making it so confusing to know what works and what doesn’t. I have worked in the SEO industry for over 12 years and have ranked my own websites consistently near the top of page 1 for my chosen keywords for the last 4 years. This in turn has seen me shoot around 40+ weddings a year for the last few years which has been my target, all with relative ease. The only other marketing I do is social media and the occasional Adwords campaign.

Why bother with SEO?

SEO can be your long-term growth plan. Often photographers pay for wedding fayres as their marketing and whilst these are targeted, these can be expensive and can only be short term solutions to gaining a few bookings. SEO is a long term plan that can be built upon, by yourself over time, to result in customers continually finding your website. The main goal of this is to then book more weddings.

Whilst SEO can be incredibly confusing, but with the right guidance it can be the factor in your business that guides you to increasing your bookings. With guidance, it can be safely done by yourself, relatively cheaply. This training program is to guide you to become an SEO guru so that you don’t need to hire someone else. 

Why me?

I have worked in website development, marketing and SEO for a long time. I did web development, SEO and Adwords for a large furniture retailer, doubling their turnover with just these methods I have learnt. I come from a technical background a family full of computer geeks! So I like to learn things inside out and really get tech involved in making life easier. Especially when it comes to business. Whilst I come from a technical background I will not confuse you with extra knowledge you don’t need. There is nothing more confusing than trying to accomplish something you don’t understand.

I will help to de-mystify the common misconceptions you may face and train you to guide yourself. This is the real key to SEO. Knowing you can do SEO for wedding photography yourself and do it correctly is your path to meaning you consistently have work for years to come. It also helps you to really attract the customers you want.

In these SEO for Wedding Photographer sessions, you can ask me anything. Whilst this is primarily an SEO course, I set no limits to what you can ask. If you want to know about how I use Adwords, social media, WordPress, customer conversion techniques I will be more than happy to help.

I am generally always ranked within the top 3 on Google for my chosen keywords with relative ease – the main of which is “wedding photographer cornwall” click here to see where I am ranked. I am extraordinarily lucky to receive a lot of wedding enquiries every year and this is almost soley due to my seo, I receive on average over 200-250+ enquiries a year. This doesn’t include any Social media enquiries or phone calls which I also get, just website emails.

What you get

What I aim for you from my SEO for Wedding Photographers course is to get from this course is actionable and realistic plans to get yourself more customers. Nice and simple.

  • Real information. I will not hold back on any tools, tips and tricks that I have used to rank websites on Google. If I know it, I’ll tell you.
  • No Crap. Excuse the language but there is nothing worse than having the wrong information that won’t help you. I’ll cut straight to the point and give you everything you need to succeed.
  • SEO website analysis. I analyse your website before we chat so that I can give you real advice about YOUR website. This is tailored to you and you getting more bookings.
  • Training session. I will spend generally 1 – 2 hours with you, usually via Google Meet, Zoom, (Or in person if you are in Cornwall), teaching you what you need to know to rank your site.
  • An On page action plan. On page SEO changes account for a good percentage of ranking a website. So a little sheet to refer back to is provided.
  • Timeline. Once you get working for yourself, things do take time. This is a guide to conducting SEO for yourself. Accurately measuring, tracking and making sure the changes you are making have made the difference. Ultimately this timeline is keeping you on task to ranking your website.
  • Follow up chat and analysis. When you are out working on your own it’s nice to check the work you are doing is making a change. If you get stuck or have the inevitable questions that will come up we can go through everything to make sure you are on your way to ranking your site. This is usually around 30 minutes and can be done via Skype.
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I like to keep the price for my SEO for wedding photographers course nice and simple. Easy to understand and good value. Just 1 wedding booking off the back of this course could pay for it 5 times over! It’s a no brainer!

Basic Seo Course

The price is £250.

This package includes an SEO review which I conduct prior to our chat.
1x training session via Google Meet, Zoom or in person if based in Cornwall.
Clear advice and guidelines for your site going forward.
Follow up email to ask any questions or clarify anything!

Further 1-2 hour sessions can be booked in at £150 if you would like additional guidance on anything. Payment is accepted via bank transfer.

Advanced Seo Course

This is a more advanced course and takes you further than the basic course.

This is a 2 session bundle priced at £395.

This includes everything from the basic course but after the initial call and armed with the action plan I allow you to go away and act on everything learned. Implementing all the techniques and turning your website into an SEO masterpiece.

After the initial call. when then regroup after 2-4 weeks for another Google Meet, meeting depending on how much work you have done on site and then we can look to re-analyse everything done and see the effects. We check that the techniques learned have had the desired effect and if anything isn’t quite right, we address these bits on the call.

We then set out plans for the future and make sure you are on track to gaining more clients.

The essential bits that are included with each SEO course is that I teach you what I know to work in getting rankings simply whilst I show you how to make changes on your own site. You go away and implement changes. You get more clients.

If you would like to book, please use the contact form below and we can have a chat about how I can help you.

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