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Some of my favourite weddings I’ve ever been lucky enough to be asked to photograph have been in Somserset. I am extremely lucky that this is my job and it doesn’t feel like going to work at all! Incorporating the beautiful surroundings of Somerset and some of the most insane wedding venues in the UK!

I get to capture people on their best days, having the most amount of fun they've ever had and I want that to show in my work. I get stuck in and I like to try and feel liek one of your guests. I want you to feel at ease on the biggest day of your life. That forms the basis of my whole approach to photographing weddings in Somerset.

I’ve been photographing Somerset weddings now since 2010 and in that time I have shot around 400+ weddings in total in my career. I am extremely lucky to photograph all over the UK namely Cornwall, Devon, Bristol and as a destination wedding photographer as well.

I am a wedding photographer lucky enough to photograph tons of beautiful days in and around Somerset every year. I try to photograph weddings just how they are, beautiful celebrations of love about two people with no gimmicks, tricks or awkward posing!

Weddings are such special days with so much going on that you don’t need to force them into cheesy posing hell! It’s something I wouldn’t like personally if it was happening to me, so I don’t ask my couples to do it either!

I photograph in an extremely relaxed and natural manner. Documenting the day as it happens and making sure that no moments get missed. I focus in on the fun, the laughter and all the moments of love in between. My job is to put you at ease if you don’t like the camera I promise you won’t notice that I am there!

Just Love

Your wedding photos are all about you and how you felt on the day itself. They aren't about me getting the shots I want. It's all completely tailored to you.

So my goal is to get photos of the two of you, excited, happy, tearful, laughing and crying and everything in between.

These photos aren't posed, they are natural, they are real and easy going. It's simple. It's my job to make sure you get everything you could ever want from your day, pain free.

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