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Get to know me and why I love weddings


Hi, I’m Dan.

If you have got as far as this, there’s a good chance you want to hire me as your wedding photographer and just double checking I’m normal! Right?


Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life, so it’s super important you know who you are spending that day with! So despite really not liking talking about myself here goes!

I’m a wedding photographer in Cornwall and have been a photographer for well over 10 years now. But photographing weddings full time for 6 years now. A self confessed geek and tech lover I have always been drawn to camera’s having one in my hand nearly all of my spare time. I love the mix of technical and creative together and as such use it as an outlet to be able to create and capture those fleeting memories forever.

I live in Cornwall with my gorgeous girlfriend Nicole (she features on here every now and then!). We have a 3 bed home in Illogan near Redruth. We live on the edge of some woods and 10 mins walk to the beach! We spend our spare time walking our gorgeous rescue pup Meme and exploring Cornwall. We love to travel and try to explore as many different places as we can! But I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life and couldn’t think of anywhere prettier I’d want to spend more time.

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I created Dan Ward Wedding Photography nearly 6 years ago now after pursuing photography as a hobby and finding myself enjoying the special moments that occur when photographing people in love. Wedding photography in Cornwall for me means the chance to capture magic memories that happen in no other kind of day to day activity.

I shoot weddings in a documentary, reportage style, with a little fine art thrown in. I shoot naturally, not forcing the moments to happen and generally using natural light. I blend into the background as much as possible, but try to be one of the wedding party rather than the guy in the corner with the camera! I chat to your guests, remind people which side the buttonholes and corsages go, quietly sing along to your first dance and have even helped lace up the wedding dress! I like to keep things nice and simple and as natural as possible throughout.


I’m one of those who are much more comfortable behind the camera.  So I really do know exactly what it’s like to want nice photos of yourself, but not be aware of them being taken. This was and is the basis for my photography, putting people at ease and getting the best out of every situation and most of the time, you’ll never even know I’ve captured an image!

Facts about me:
My favourite TV series without doubt is Breaking Bad.
I can play the drums and used to play in a band.
I have a big family, I’m one of five. Birthdays and Christmas are a nightmare!
Me and Nicole bought a 3 bed house in Illogan nearly 2 years ago now, we live on the edge of the woods, surrounded by trees. Our pup loves to bark at the squirrels in our back garden!
I’m an avid kayaker, swimmer and gym go’er, but not all that at surfing!
I’m a business degree graduate (2:1). But don’t ask me about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, or anything else for that fact, I remember nothing!!.
I’ve read Harry Potter more times than is healthy.
I love to travel, Italy and France are my favourite places ever.
They say humans are 90% water. I’m 90% coffee. Good coffee may just be my life.

This is my gorgeous girlfriend and extremely handsome rescue pup Meme (she is a Mini Golden Doodle!). She is a big bundle of energy, love and stubbornness all wrapped up into an extremely cute ball of curly white fur!

So now that you know all about me, let me find out a little about you!

You can contact me here for a chat!


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Main photo by the epic Paul Fox at Albion Row Photography!