Naughty Brides and Grooms – Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photography

April 13, 2015

I always seem to get the naughtiest brides and grooms, and Saturday was absolutely no exception! This gorgeous wedding of Lauren and Rob was shot at the always amazing Nancarrow Farm Wedding Venue near Truro. This was a super fun shot to get of the naughty bride and groom, always a good bit of fun to be had, even if it did get me a telling off by the owner of Nancarrow Farm!

Massive amount of fun had by all and some amazing weather as well. Having a great time re-living this wedding already, can’t wait to get stuck into the rest! It was a completely gorgeous wedding and I’m happy to be able to share the whole of this wedding gallery with you from the fab Nancarrow Farm wedding venue.

Dan x


P.s. Apologies for radio silence recently, I am well and truly into wedding season, this wedding was the first of 3 in 7 days!