Christmas 2015

December 30, 2015

Been taking some much needed time out over Christmas from being a Cornwall wedding photographer to just recharge the batteries a little, eat far too much and to overall just get myself ready for next year. It’s been fab to have a little time away from the screen and to just enjoy some family time. However, I do feel super lazy for doing so…

I couldn’t part with my camera completely over that time as well. It’s perfect time to get myself a little more accustom to the new Nikon D750 I’m hoping to shoot most of my Cornwall wedding photography with next year as well (still taking forever to get used to the controls, they are so different compared to my Canon’s!). Always been a Canon man since the beginning and having shot so many frames (around 136k wedding photographs this year alone, as per my Best of 2015 post), it could take some doing to get out of old habits!

Anyway, here are a few frames I captured, mainly my little Nephew enjoying the Batman Suit I brought him for Christmas!







































Cornwall wedding photographer Christmas