Ardoch Loch Lomond Wedding Photography

December 12, 2023

Ardoch Loch Lomond Wedding Photography

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything. The pictures are incredible! We’d been looking forward to seeing these since before the wedding so the bar was pretty high to begin with but they’re honestly better than we imagined.

We’ve had no end of compliments from everyone who’s seen them. One of the guests is due to get married next year and he actually said this week that the way you done the photographs was one of the things that stood out to him and is adamant that’s what he wants for his wedding now!

 You were incredible on the day and this is how we’ll remember the wedding forever now so thank you for giving us that amazing gift.

Connaire & Becci


Where on earth do I start with this wedding!! I don’t like to swear (well not on my wedding blog!!) but this wedding was a f****** beauty!! (Sorry!! But I did warn you and I did star it!!).  Becci and Connaire originally got in touch with me in 2019 to book their wedding in 2021 but with everything going on in the world it ended up getting pushed back and here we are finally in 2023 and I am so so happy to be able to say that we got there and they did it!! And it was completely worth the wait! There have been a few wedding venue changes along the way as well as a few dates, however they finally settled on Ardoch Loch Lomond and boy oh boy was that good decision! It is absolutely incredible. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever taken so many landscape shots in a wedding ever, and I like to take a lot I can because every time I’m a wedding photographer in Devon is always absolutely stunning. So to take so many is a true testament to just how beautiful Loch Lomond is.

I cannot express just how excited I was for this big day. The buildup to it had been massive obviously but for it to finally be here and happening was such a huge moment. The venue, the landscape, the people nothing disappointed!! Then on the day we had some of the most beautiful mixed weather both; sunny and light with hints of stormy as the day progressed, my favourite meaning things are changing a lot on the day meaning you get such a big variety of photos. Perfect and just what I love.

Becci and Connaire had their beautiful wedding ceremony overlooking Loch Lomond. There was lots of emotion and you could just tell by looking around everyone of their friends and family that they were so excited that this was finally happening so many postponements. Everyone was either beaming or crying there was no in between! They also did a few Scottish traditions during the ceremony, which I’ve been lucky enough to witness before, including drinking whiskey during part of the ceremony (it’s not all bad eh!!).

In a bleat on about the view tons throughout this write up but it’s honestly such a big factor of the day and I’m sure why they chose the venue they chose. We managed to take 20 minutes out the day and get a little closer to the Loch Lomond itself and grab some photos next to the water so Becci and Connaire could have some alone time to really reflect on what just happened. It was all super cute and for the most part I didn’t want to intervene at all. Completely documentary!

There was epic speeches, epic food, epic dancing and even more beautiful views. That pretty much sums up the day so well. Becci and Connaire absolutely killed it and really know how to throw a party.

They planned a day down to absolute perfection having a marquee overlooking the incredible Loch Lomond which honestly just absolutely takes your breath away every time you see it, one of those views you could simply never get bored of. And then they went and invited just the most fun and absolutely lovely people, and never had so many people come up to me and be so friendly and talkative! I cannot wait to photograph weddings again as an Ardoch Loch Lomond wedding photographer and would love the opportunity to be a Scotland wedding took four again. If you are looking at planning your wedding in Scotland and want to have a chat and feel free to get in touch I’d love to hear about your plans!



You know it’s incredible when you get two emails from the couple saying just how happy they are, and this one before I’d even managed to send the photos out! Shows just how lovely Becci and Connaire and how much an amazing day they had. Thank you so much again for having me as your Ardoch Loch Lomond wedding photographer!! It was my pleasure honestly x

Hi Dan,

Sorry its taken so long for us to email – we’re slowly getting round to messaging in between cocktails and sunbathing!
I just wanted to email you to say an enormous, huge, heartfelt Thank You for being there last Saturday and for being so utterly lovely. Even though we’ve not seen the photos yet, your presence, kindness and professionalism went a long way and we cannot wait to see the finished photos.
We had loads of guests comment on how calm and professional you were, which is unheard of for a wedding photographer to be so non-invasive! We also very much appreciate you driving us to Portnellan Farm – you saved us there.
Hope you had a wonderful extended time in Edinburgh and we can’t wait to see the end results.
Becci x