Sophie and Charles – Devon Wedding Preview

September 26, 2017

I’ve been dying to get round to editing this as a wedding photographer Devon, as it was an incredibly intimate wedding and one I couldn’t wait to relive! It’s not dissapointing at all! This is Sophie and Charles’s wedding in Abbotskerswell, Devon from a few weeks. They chose to have an intimate wedding with just their very nearest and dearest ina  town very dear to the pair of them – what could be finer! With the reception held in a local cafe they had the most awesome little day. Completely unique and just stunning. This is a frame I managed to grab just as we were having a walk around the town. Half of the wedding party was behind us, the light was looking amazing here and I was hoping to get a frame with them backlit as they walked ahead of us. Sophie just flicked her dress as she was letting it down as she had been carrying it just as they turned to face each other, completely incidental, but I’m so glad she did it! This is one of my favourite frames from their day – just look at that gorgeous Devon summer light!

This year has been fab for shooting more and more weddings in Devon. I’ve always shot a few there each year, but this year the amount has been much higher, something I am very very happy about. If you are planning a wedding in Devon or Somerset get in touch. Id LOVE to make some gorgeous photos with you 🙂
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