This years weddings

December 20, 2015

This is probably one of the hardest bits of my job, ever! Sorting through work from this year to see what I can put up on the site! It’s sounds like such an easy job but it really isn’t. I take a huge amount of photos each wedding and hand out tons of photos I absloutely love from my wedding photography in Cornwall, so sorting them to put on the site is a serious job, taking serious time! Why can’t I just put them all up?

Regardless of my moaning, it is super fun reliving these weddings! This is a frame from Stacey and Owens amazing wedding earlier this year at the fabulous Trenderway Farm wedding venue. Lots more work coming soon, and a new wedding this week. hopefully if I get chance, i’m gonna do a best of 2015 post this year. If I get time…

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