Sunday wedding photography editing catchup!

April 21, 2013

Spending my day today catching up on the wedding editing and all of the tasks that I really should have done throughout thee week but simply haven’t had chance to do!

As we get into the season I can feel myself starting to get behind already, so to catch up I’ve cancelled everything I should have been doing today and am spending the day editing my wedding photography in Cornwall images! What could be finer!!

The sun was out yesterday which made it much too hard to work, probably the best way we have had this year! Reminds me how beautiful Cornwall is in the sun! Cannot wait for this week where I have two wedding’s coming up assisting as a second shooter for once! Working with the fantastic Helen Morcom as well! So expect lots of new wedding photos to be appearing soon from beautiful Cornwall in the sun! 🙂

Attached is an old photo taken on holiday last year! Planning already this year and procrastinating whilst I should be doing work!



Nice shot man, loving the tones used in it.