Back to the world of the internet! Plus cute photos!

May 23, 2014

Finally in the new house all settled and WITH internet! Been without it for what feels like ages so I’ve not had any chance to inundate everyone with all of my wedding photography shot in and around Cornwall! I have litterally loads of new photos to show everyone after shooting so many weddings recently.

So here I’ll include one of Laura and Matt being too cute on the beach. This was shot at Lusty Glaze wedding photographer Newquay a few weeks ago now. Super excited to post a lot more of these wedding photos as they were so much fun to shoot.

Got a massive backlog of weddings to update you all with as well, so expect them to be up on the blog soon as well. I’d absolutely love to post them all tonight, but instead I have to rest my weary head and kick off the bank holiday weekend with Aimee + Steve’s wedding tomorrow! Super excited for whats to come! 🙂