The obligatory wedding dance off

January 19, 2016

All wedding moments are special. Thats a given, thats why I do this job, to capture those magical moments. However, some things, such as this wedding dance off, are obviously very very important! Ha. This is that moment at my last wedding at Fowey Hall where the dance off was in full swing. When it’s a competition between couples, neither can let the other win!

I shot this gorgeous wedding as my first of 2016 on Saturday. Was great fun being back into the swing of it all, it feels wierd when I am not shooting now, so a good thing to be back into it and trying out new things I’ve been thinking about over the break. I now have the job of going through the mass amount of shots and editing them (something, amazingly I have actually missed doing alot more than I thought).

Can’t wait to share more from this wedding with you all, it’s a beauty!

Wedding dance off at fowey hall wedding photography cornwall


really love your work

Classic is right!!! What a gorgeous wedding day……you captured it beautifully!!!

What a great moment! They’re really getting into it!