New photoshop tutorial – My wedding photography editing!

March 10, 2013

Thought I’d create a new Youtube tutorial due to the unprecedented popularity of the last one I did a little while back! (Amazingly its up to 63k views!!!!)

So for this new tutorial, I thought I’d take a slightly different approach for it. The last few tutorials I created, Id used entirely colour tutorials, so this sparked the obvious topic for this next one: Black and white!

This particular editing is something I do a lot myself in my Wedding photography work. Its a very popular style at the moment, and something that you can apply to almost any photograph. Black and white can turn any photograph into something magical in my eyes. And so often I see people just using the saturation slider to make a black and white photograph (which can at times be all that needs to be done!) but there are so much more to do with any image in black and white that can really set your wedding photography apart from the rest!

This is one of my favorite techniques for my wedding photography in Cornwall work, but it all depends on your taste!

Please do let me know what you think of this tutorial: I am quite aware that I’m not the best speaker, and this probably wasn’t the best way to convey what I wanted to say!

And as always: Here is what I created – its not to everyone’s taste, and it needs to be used subtly, but I absolutely love the feel of this! Get experimenting!! 🙂

Cornish Wedding Photographer in Cornwall


The black and white filter that you have created is amazing. Most of the black and white filter that we use is either very dark or very contrasted. I have never seen a black and white picture this this before. Truly it can be use to any photos or to any wedding photography.

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

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