New babys are the beginning of all things

January 26, 2012


Some shots of my brothers new baby called Finn today! Caught him ona day when he was slightly grumpy and less than impressed to have a camera in his face I think!! (Although, he seemed extremely interested in the flash going off!!!)

Some really simple processing on this, and this week Ive really been trying to perfect my processing, making it simpler, less destructive to the timage and in general trying to dial down what I am doing to an image!

Really starting to get the feeling that images should be left alone a bit more, when I look back through the images Ive processed I get more and more aggrovated with the editing on them! Ive got hundreds of images Ive been meaning to upload to here, but everytime I go and look at something I get wound up by it! Perfectionist or what!! Anyway, back to assignments for me, whoever said Business Degrees were easy was a liar!!! 🙁


Tech Info:
Canon 5dmkii
35mm f1.4L
580 ex II