Matt and Rachel – Polpier Wedding Preview

October 26, 2015

Weddings are a massive celebration of love with all of your family and special friends all together in one place which can be quite a unique thing. Often for the bride and groom however it can be hard to get some time alone as everyone is there just for you and there are so many things to do. You don’t always get that much time to just see each other alone, but it’s something I always try to insist on, even if just for ten minutes whilst taking photos. So this is Matt and Rachel at Polpier wedding venue, doing exactly that and just grabbing a sneaky minute alone!

Polpier Wedding Photography Cornwall


Dan! I love your job… Very beautiful and worthwhile photographs.

You are so talented Dan! Every image is gorgeous!

What a wonderful and calm moment you captured!! Really love it. And how they hide behind the flowers… this makes ist really intimate.

Thank you for your constant support on my blog (although you can’t even read what I write). 🙂