“Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly.”


New model work for all of you, as promised!! 🙂 Had a shoot yesterday in Stuart House in Liskeard – An evenet set up locally where lots of models and photographers all met up together to shoot together – good idea really!!
Had an amazing weekend shooting with some fantastic models! First time working with professional models, so it was an experience and a half, but I prepared myself well and think I managed to nail quite a few good shots – happy with what came out of it!!

Anyway, here is one shot we managed to get in the garden, the sun had just peeked out for us – it was bliss!!! Got some fun shots and some more serious ones from this as well, more will follow and you will all be flooded with it soon – no doubt!!! 🙂

35mm f1.4 once again has become the saviour of the day – my favourite lens, EVER!!

Tech Info:
Pretty sunshine 🙂