Cheryl & Leon Lanyon Cottages Wedding

November 22, 2014

This was one of my first weddings of the 2014 season and it feels like it was absolutely ages ago, so I have loved re-living the photos.  Cheryl and Leon contacted me saying they were traveling to Cornwall to get married at the gorgeous Lanyon Holiday Cottages Weddings. They also told me they would be having a hand fasting ceremony outdoors weather permitting which I could not be more excited about.Hand fasting was something I have never captured before so was extremely keen to capture all the different details of the wedding ceremony as they really are very unique compared to traditional ceremonies.

The setting near the gorgeous Hayle in Cornwall is perfect for Cornish Wedding Photography. as the location at Lanyon is extremely picturesque featuring the prettiest set of old buildings which are all extremely beautifully kept set in some extremely stunning countryside. The weather absolutely beamed on what was an absolutely gorgeous day throughout. They had a very rustic intimate barn wedding reception to accompany the gorgeous vintage wedding venue.

The brief was to take very relaxed and informal wedding photos that no one really knew was being taken, my specialty, taking a very candid approach making sure to capture every detail of the day and even sitting down during the ceremony in amongst the guests to make sure Cheryl and Leon were at complete ease and unaware of the sneaky wedding captures I was getting! Absolutely loved this wedding day and cannot wait to shoot here again.