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These photos are your story. My whole approach to being a wedding photographer in the Cotswolds is to create, romantic, natural and relaxed imagery of your day, without the fuss and the posing that can go with it. By being reactive to the day, seeing what happens and really focussing in on the moments, I make sure to get the photos that you want, the photos that you will love for years and years to come, without having to pose.

By photographing in a documentary wedding photography approach, I capture the magic of the day as it unfolds, without changing what is happening on the day. This also takes the hassle out of the day for the couple and without having to pose it takes a huge amount of pressure and anxiety off their shoulders. Meaning they can focus in on what really mattrs on the day, having fun!

Weddings are such a whirlwind, you really never know what is going to happen yet! By not structuring the photos and the day you really allow everything to just happen and unfold, these create the best photos and allow me to capture the real fun of the day!

I'm Dan and I've been a wedding photographer now for 14+ years now and during that time I've photographed around 400+ weddings all over The Cotswolds, Cornwall, Devon, Somserset, Wiltshire, Scotland and as Destination Wedding Photographer all over Europe!

Im very lucky that I get to photographing weddings all over the UK and even more lucky that I get to photograph weddings as a Cotswolds wedding photographer as well! The Cotswolds is somewhere I personally have always traveled to alot, and it's an area of the UK I know really well. It holds such a personal magic to me, I have a real nostalgic love for the whole area! So everytime I get asked to photograph a wedding there, it really is a bit of an honour!

By approaching wedding photography in a documentary style with the gorgeous Cotswolds countryside as the backdrop, creates some of the most incredible and amazing memories of the day. Something I try to never take for granted.

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I love my job being a wedding photographer and I treasure each and every time I get to photograph someones wedding. Each and every wedding is completely unique and as a result, I approach every single wedding differently. Your wedding is it's own day and so I photograph it by documenting what exactly happens on the day and not staging moments.

It's all about you. From the initial enquiry, through to you recieving your photos. Everything is tailored to you and your day. Throughout the whole process, we work to make sure the wedding photos are exactly what you have always dreamed of.

If this all sounds like it's what you want from your wedding photos, then lets talk more about your day. Or if want to read more about my aproach to wedding photography or read some of the frequently asked questions I get asked most!

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