5 frames of wet wedding dreams

February 1, 2024

I always think it’s super important to make a wet weather plan. It’s such a possibility here in the UK and if you haven’t thought of what could happen then sod’s law, it will naturally rain! 

So planning for the worst in the UK climate is always a good idea, and then fingers crossed it should all come good!! 

For J+J it didn’t quite goto plan with the weather not quite playing ball. We got rain for a huge part of the day but in all reality, it really doesn’t mean the end of your photos. Instead we made sure to get out and get the shots they really wanted anyway. We made sure that we prepped, having umbrellas to walk between locations to make sure we didn’t get silly wet and then just wipped them away and went for it anyway. 

These are actually some of my favourite photos from the day. They are cracked up and clearly still having the most fun imaginable!! That’s what it’s all about!

I spotted a little opportunity in the weather in the evening, just before the sun dissapeared and managed to get them out for a few dusky sunsety shots. Was super excited for them both to get these photos!