Wedding season is over for 2014!!

October 6, 2014

And that’s a wrap!! Wedding season 2014 is officially over for me (unless I get any last minute bookings like last year! ha). I have just completed 25 weddings in roughly 6 months! It’s been an absolutely amazing 6 months, met some of the most amazing people and some beautiful couples and got some just incredible shots. Shots I absolutely cannot wait to share with everyone. As a wedding photographer in Cornwall this has been my busiest year yet. It’s been absolutely crazy, the weddings have been the most fun and I now have to make my way through my back log of Cornish weddings before I can take a much needed few months off before I start again!

The season ended in a bang with Katy and Chris. I absolutely loved this wedding. Such an amazing Cornish couple which got married at the absolutely gorgeous St Ives Harbour Hotel and we got some amazing shots throughout the day, but for me, this has to be a personal favorite. May I present to you, Katy and Chris Wood and their St Ives Wedding Photography.


What a fun photo! Due to all of our wildfires hardly any wedding venues in Colorado will let brides and grooms use sparklers so I’m jealous. Such a great end photo:)

Thanks again!! That’s a shame though, they are sooo much fun to do!