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>One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer in Cornwall is the fact that I get to shoot in some of the most gorgeous and just stunning picturesque parts of Cornwall. I often think that I DO take this for granted ever so slightly after living here for such a long time (all my life infact!), but when I get down to shooting weddings in gorgeous St Ives I still always get so so blown away by it’s beauty. I live approximately 20 minutes drive from St Ives itself, so I know the area super well, which gives me a massive advantage when shooting there as I know all of the little back streets, all of the best spots and where gets the most gorgeous sunset in summer!

 St Ives Wedding Venues 

I’ve shot so many times at so many different venues in and around St Ives that is honestly so hard to pin down just the one favourite! There are so many absolutely beautiful St Ives Wedding Venues. Over the years I’ve been so lucky to be asked to photograph so many gorgeous venues. Notably in just the last year I have shot a lot at St Ives Harbour Hotel. This venue along with Porthgwidden beach cafe, Carbis Bay Wedding Photography (They very kindly list me as a recommended supplier!), Tregenna, St Ives Guildhall The Island Chapel St Ives, Pedn Olva, Lower Bussow Farm are some of the busiest wedding venues in the area.

But really, I’ve just listed a few of my favourites I am lucky enough to photograph at a lot. All of them really are fantastic to shoot at and each of them has their own merits and charms. The one recurring theme from being a St Ives wedding photographer in all these fab St Ives Wedding venues is that they are all within 2 minutes of a beach; this might not sound major, but photography a Cornish wedding when getting married in Cornwall. It’s pretty much essential to be near to the beach. It always one of the coolest things as well when shooting a wedding in St Ives to take a trip down to the Island at sunset to grab a few awesome frames. One of my favourite parts of some of my favourite weddings that I have ever shot there have all been sunset shots on the Island.

Here’s an example from James and Amanda’s fab wedding shot at the amazing St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding venue.

best wedding photographer cornwall 2015

st ives guildhall wedding photographer

A lot of people travel from all over the UK just to visit this amazing sea side wedding destination, so to have it 20 minutes from my door is just crazy. I generally shoot an absolute ton of weddings there a swell. Last year shooting some 8 weddings in St Ives alone out of the 36 I shot in total. The year previous I’d shot even more there! (I am so lucky and extremely thankful to be able to shoot in such an amazing place!).

This shot was taken from another wedding as a St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding Photographer last year. This is Nancy and Johnathon. I absolutely loved their wedding as it was so relaxed and impromptu that it was the perfect balance of wedding and fun whilst being completely set next to the beach. From the fab Harbour Hotel you are only about 2 minutes walk from the beach which is honestly fantastic. So for this reason alone it HAS to be one of my favourite places to shoot. This shot believe it or not is completely documentary in style. It doesn’t look it just because of the subject, but I really didn’t tell David to pick Mandy up at all. They did that completely themselves, I’m actually standing quite far back from the wedding couple actually so there was no way I could issue or shout poses at them. This is why I love wedding photography in Cornwall and all Cornish weddings for that fact. There is no need to pose. It can all be done completely documentary in style. This is the photo I have been talking about:

best wedding photographer cornwall 2015

These are a few more frames from a fab St Ives Harbour hotel wedding last year, this is Claire and Nick’s wedding which was one of the most fun wedding days in Cornwall EVER! This is all shot down on Porthminster beach last year which is one of the biggest beaches in St Ives along the coast from Carbis Bay. This is a true example of getting married in Cornwall, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, this is March and it looks like it could be the middle of summer. This is the St Ives effect for sure!

St Ives Cornwall Wedding photographer

The best thing about St Ives is all the different areas there are to shoot; there really is thousands of different areas and locations. Most notably the Island is a fab place to go and get some photos. This is one of the areas that gets the best sunset in the whole of St Ives and provides panoramic views of the whole town. Definitely a must have on your wedding day for sure; it only takes 10-15 minutes to get shots like this on your wedding day and I try to do it for every couple who’s Cornish wedding I photograph.

best wedding photographer cornwall 2015


wedding photographer cornwall best bits from 2015

These gorgeous shots are all from the beach at Porthminster. Easily one of the most pictured places in St Ives to hold a wedding. The whole wedding reception was held at the St Ives Harbour Hotel. Below are a mix of photographs from Tregenna Castle Weddings as well as some shot at the fab Porth Gwidden beach cafe and all symbolise exactly what it’s like to get married in Cornwall and St Ives. Stunning and natural, relaxed and definitely not posed wedding photographs that will last a life time and provide a constant reminder of your wedding day and exactly what it meant to you and how you felt at the moment in time. I do this job because I get to makes amazing pictures of people in love and their emotions.

st ives guildhall wedding photographer st ives guildhall wedding photographer st ives guildhall wedding photographer

St Ives Wedding Photography St Ives Wedding Photography St Ives Wedding Photography St Ives Wedding Photography




It really doesn’t take much to grab shots even remotely similar to this in St Ives, just because of it being one of the best and most beautiful places in the UK to hold a wedding. If you haven’t been I would definitely recommend it. You can find out lots more about me on this website and my whole approach to how I photograph weddings but also some of my work as a devon wedding photographer or also the prices and costs of booking me as your wedding photographer. If you have got this far and want to enquire about your wedding photography, then get in touch and we can have a chat about how to make some awesome photos!