Ignoring the rain – Lauren + Nathan

June 15, 2015

This week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a very long time, and I am still tryign to recover even now. Despite that, I am cracking on with some amazing editing of the last few weddings I have been shooting. Massively excited to start sharing a bit more of my Cornish wedding photography with you. It’s hard to get everything I want posted up online just due to lack of time. But will try and update you all soon. Just trying to get through the SIX weddings in my queue at the minute!!

Wish me luck!


I’m happy to hear that you have 6 weddings in the queue! That’s fantastic. Can’t wait to see more of them. We’ve been having very rainy English style weather for the past month here in the Denver area so I will be curious to see some from your area!