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Always loving the sheer happiness and joy capturable in human emotion; wedding photography has always drawn to me. Helping photograph weddings for two years under various professional photographers in a ‘second person’ capacity, has allowed me to gain expert insight into the finer details of weddings which I have now bring to my own work. Finishing my degree in business has allowed me to lead on to create a career out what was once an obsessive hobby.

My wedding packages are tailored to suit your wedding day down to the last detail. From the getting ready shots to the first dance. I follow each moment of the day capturing each special memory for you to remember forever.

My reportage of the day consists of a range of different styles of images tailored to each individual moment of the day. Utilising different skills and techniques to capture each memory unobtrusively to create pictures that accurately reflect the warmth, love and emotion of each day.

My love for all things creative shows in my work and my dedication to the job. I put 110% into your day to make sure that your memories are captured forever and that you are not let down when you see your wedding photographs when they are finished.

My work doesn’t stop after the day, each wedding photograph is edited and time spent carefully considering each image. I try not to change each image into something that they are not as is often with wedding photographers in Cornwall. I tend to make use of the pictures as they are, utilising colour changes and creating my unique style of editing to create bright colourful images that are not untrue to the day. I don’t use excessive skin smoothing techniques, making people look plastic, uncomplete and which are often not continued throughout the wedding photography and often leave an inconsistent feeling throughout your photos. I utilise very gentle techniques, cleaning slight spots where necessary (generally requested) so that you are completely happy with your images.

I step back from the action, and try not to stage the day, but guide it and capture the moments that happen rather then stage those that don’t. I don’t want you to be pressured during the day because of consistent demands and staging requests of my wedding photography. I want your day to run smoothly and for you to enjoy it and not resent your choice in Cornish wedding photography.