As the title says this is an old shot re-edited. Ive been doing this quite alot recently, realising just how poor my old editing used to be, and just how much more detail I take into account now!

I used to wip images together that were classicly ‘summery’ by using the temperature slider, a very rookie mistake on my part! They look so trashy now on reflection, sometimes I find that I look at an image for so long that it looses all appeal to my eye and in the end I just end up sticking with whatever looks good quickly just to get the job done. Something I can safely say, i do not practice anymore!!

Anyway, enough about my old failings, I think this one is alot better editing! Although the image composure is textbookly wrong, theres just something I love about her being dead center!!

New shoots being organised and shots being edited for the new website! Everything is coming together very slowly!! 🙂