10 frames of Cornish beach wedding goodness!

December 2, 2023

I’m such a huge fan of Elopement wedding photography, it’s genuinely one of my favourite types of wedding to photograph. There’s so much love, so much emotion and these 10 frames of Jamie and Kate and their just incredible Lusty Glaze beach wedding was just such a dream.

Elopements never used to be super popular, but definitely in the last few years they are becoming more and more of the in thing and this is a trend I absolutely can get behind! Every time I get the chance to photograph an elopement, It’s my utter pleasure to witness two people, completely in love just getting married and doing it for themselves. It’s so intimate and such a contrast to the normal wedding photographer cornwall work that I normally do. I love shooting at Lusty Glaze, such a romantic and wild place to have a wedding, can’t wait to be back there this year!